Spyker CEO, Mr Victor Muller, has promised to rebuild the Saab brand around the upcoming 9-5 model if it gets the nod to buy the Swedish brand from General Motors.
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Mr Muller also said that Saab's Swedish HQ, engineering and production facilities would remain in place with all Saab vehicles except the 9-4X (due to be released later this year or early next) being manufactured in Sweden. A new 9-3 model will follow in 2012.

In fact the only downside to a Spyker takeover at this stage appears to be the shelving of Saab's compact 9-1 model (pictured below) which has now been suspended indefinitely.


Mr Muller went on to say that GM would continue to produce engines for Saab, and that Saab would use GM parts in vehicles such as the 9-4X and 9-5 as the brand struggles to break even. Saab sold 93,295 units in 2008 with 2009 figures expected to total less than 60,000.

Spyker, which is backed by Russian and Arabic investors, lodged a renewed fast-track offer to buy Saab on December 20. Money-losing Spyker made 43 luxury cars last year.

GM has extended a Dec. 31 deadline to sell or close Saab until January 7, giving Spyker more time to come up with financing to buy the brand.