The change to currency exchange rates following the Brexit announcement has enabled Caterham Australia to revise pricing of the ultra-light sports car range for 2017 to make the enthusiast sports car more affordable.
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Prices now start from $64,000 (plus options and on road costs) for the entry level Caterham Seven 275. This is an almost $6000 reduction ($69,850) on the previous pricing.


All three models in the range (275, 355 and 485) benefit from the changes, and the cost saving extends to both the road and ‘track’ focussed option packs in the range.

The Caterham Seven has remained fundamentally unchanged since its introduction in 1973. It was based on the Lotus Seven which dates back even further, to 1957.


At just 675kg (for the 275), it is the lightest car on sale in Australia. The 275 runs a 100kW/160Nm 1.6-litre Ford engine, where the range topping 485 uses a 177kW/206Nm 2.0-litre Ford Duratec motor.

A true race-car for the road, we hope the revised pricing will see more of the enthusiast sports machines on Australian roads, with just 12 sold since 2012.

2017 Caterham Australia Pricing (before on-road costs)

Seven 275 - $64,000 (down $5850)
Seven 275 S - $69,900 (down $13,400)
Seven 355 - $76,600 (down $10,300)
Seven 355 R - $94,800 (down $4,000)
Seven 485 S - $103,700 (down $10,700)
Seven 485 R - $114,900 (down $12,100)