Ford Verve - Future Fiesta

Pictures and a video of the new Ford Verve have hit the Net. Ford has a simple aim, produce as many cars as possible on the least amount of platforms as possible.
Ford Verve
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Alan Mulally, U.S. Ford Motor Co.'s current CEO hopes to follow the same path as the Japanese by limiting resources for new platforms while exploiting global platforms.

The first car to follow the new ethos will be the next-generation Ford Focus, followed closely by the Fusion/Mondeo. Production of the new global Focus is set to start in North America in 2010 or 2011.

Another car which has recently surfaces is the new generation Fiesta (pictured), Ford is referring to the car as the global B-car that will debut in Europe in 2008.

Ignoring the sound, the video above gives a close look at the new Ford Verve concept.

Much like other American manufacturers Ford America has been losing a substantial amount of money in the last few years and one of the biggest problems facing the company has been the level of product complexity, a problem which global platforms can solve.

Ford Australia is set to play a big role in developing the global platform - a task that emphasises the level of expertise and technology present for the blue oval here.

Thankfully, the future Focus, which as Ford recently announced will now be built in Australia, will not be identical to its American brother; styling and tuning will be customized for each region.