UPDATE, Nov 26: Another reader has contacted us, noting his friend saw our Facebook post and that he had seen the camo 'thing' being driven in earnest where he rides his dirtbike in the Hunter Valley.
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Our 'guerrilla marketing' spidey sense is tingling, but the chatter that these images have caused around the CarAdvice office these past few days has been entertaining, so even if we are being played, we're quite enjoying it!


And we still don't know what it is. Promo or marketing is leading the charge - but for what? The movie still makes sense, or maybe something in line with the Stadium Truck support category at the Supercar Race series.

There's no doubt more to it, so again we'll keep you posted!



UPDATE: The plot thickens. Another CarAdvice reader has spotted this thing at a carpark near Cessnock in the Hunter Valley. It was being loaded off a flatbed trailer. You can get a better idea of the shape and size now, but we are still none the wiser about what it is.


Readers here and on Facebook are moving towards this being some sort of movie prop or perhaps a rally-raid type special. That is unless Haval are thinking of getting in on the monster SUV coupe two-door rally monster sub category...

We'll keep you posted.


Images of what appears to be a cross between a Lamborghini Urus and a bizarre 'movie-prop' prototype have surfaced online, with the photographer claiming to have caught the concept vehicle being unloaded from a truck.

CarAdvice reader Paul Smith said he stumbled upon the rather Mad Max-looking SUV thing being transported, but was quickly turned away by security, as can be seen in the video we posted on our Facebook page.


Considering there are now multiple new brands looking to enter the highly competitive SUV segment in Australia, it would be hard to guess what exact model this prototype is.

Testing of vehicles in Australia’s seething summer is an ideal 'real world' validation of any car company's product, though we do have to take our hats off to which ever company executive decided to camouflage its product to such an amazing degree.

If you see this driving around, please do let us know!