Lynk & Co, a new automotive brand from Geely, owner of both Volvo and the London Taxi Company, will be launched on October 20.

The Chinese car maker has begun sending invites to members of the media. The invitation, republished by Jalopnik, promises more than just "a new car brand and a model line-up", but "some radical, new thinking — different from anything you’ve seen before from the car industry" and that "might well change the world’s idea of mobility".

Accompanying the invites is the above teaser image, and a placeholder website, which features plenty of youngish people dancing, walking, biking, running, eating and hanging out. Notably, there's only one shot that involves a car.

It seems likely that Lynk & Co will be a new automotive marque for Geely vehicles targeted at developed markets around the world. In April, a Reuters report indicated that the company was planning just such a venture as part of a new project codenamed "L".

Volvo Concept 40.1 front seven-eights

Above: Volvo Concept 40.1.

Vehicles sold under the new "L" brand will reportedly be based on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) that's being jointly-developed by Volvo and Geely.

CMA will also be used to underpin Volvo's next-generation of 40-Series models, including the XC40 SUV, V40 hatch and S40 sedan.

According to Autocar, the first Lynk & Co vehicle will be a small SUV that will be the Volvo XC40's mainstream cousin. Beyond this, Lynk & Co may also include a ride-sharing or car-sharing component.