With the Mercedes-AMG hypercar announcement at the 2016 Paris Motor Show came plenty of subjective thought about how much Mercedes would leverage their Formula One technology into a road car.
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But the facts were much simpler, and when CarAdvice spoke with Tobias Moers, Chief Executive of Mercedes-AMG, he summed it up very succinctly. “We're not talking about 'inspired'.”

Moers was clear in his meaning: this project puts the AMG hypercar’s powertrain on par with the F1 W07 Formula 1 car. A turbocharged 1.6-litre, 90-degree angle V6 paired with an electric drive and ERS system.

Mercedes-AMG hyper car Designskizze ; Mercedes-AMG hyper car design sketch;

Carbon-fibre construction was noted by Moers as “mandatory”, and we should expect to see active aerodynamics and a five-digit redline too. As Moers noted, “we run that (F1 engine) up to maybe 15,000 reps, maybe we reduce them a little bit for the road.”

This is a lot of working stress for a powertrain, particularly one that has to survive on commercial 98-octane fuels, and so comes the question of reliability.

“We will have to change some things, but if you have a closer look to the Formula 1 engine and the demands - what they have now in the spec book - and you compare the loads of F1 cars we're racing on a track.... compare that one to what we apply for a street-legal car which you use on the track, for sure it's still different but it's not that far away. “

Moers suggested that the Energy Recovery System (ERS) would be more aggressive in the road-car, helping Mercedes-AMG reach their goals. “The task is to have the most efficient hybrid car ever”, said Moers.


The as-yet unnamed hypercar will be a two-seater, built exclusively in left-hand drive. Numbers will be limited, with the total volume not yet set, but confirmed by Moers to be fewer than 300 units.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas driver Lewis Hamilton will be involved in the dynamic development of the car, which will be revealed in some form or another at a 2017 Motor Show event to coincide with AMG’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

There has so far been one confirmed order and deposit taken for the car, which Mercedes-Benz Australia confirm is from a local, Australian buyer.

We’ll be following the development of this car with huge interest and can’t wait to see what lies in store.