4WD rams P plater in road-rage attack

Victoria Police are looking for the driver of a 4WD who intentionally and repeatedly rammed a P plater in Victoria's north-western suburbs early on Saturday morning.
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The car, a Mazda MX6, was written off in the attack when the P plate driver and his friend were rammed from behind.

The driver of the MX6 tried to evade the pursuing 4WD by weaving in and out of traffic, before being rammed a further three times. He then made a U-turn in an attempt to again escape the 4WD before stopping to speak to another driver he thought may have witnessed the incident. Upon stopping the MX6 was rammed twice more.

After the 4WD fled the scene the driver of the Mazda went to a nearby police station to report the incident. The driver of the MX6 and his 18-year-old friend were extremely shaken but uninjured.

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