BMW Z4 EfficientDynamics technologies announced

BMW Australia has confirmed the raft of EfficientDynamics technologies which will come standard with the BMW Z4 Roadster when customer deliveries begin in November.
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Aimed at improving fuel consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the changes are headlined by the adoption of Brake Energy Regeneration across the entire Z4 range.

The result is fuel efficiency improvements of up to almost eight per cent, without sacrificing performance.


This engine management feature serves to efficiently generate electric power for the car's on-board components, with the alternator engaging only when the engine is on overrun and when applying the brakes - relieving the engine of the usual loads and power uptake.

Also specified for the Z4 sDrive23i as part of the EfficientDynamics package are low rolling resistance tyres, electric power steering and an optimum shift indicator.


The changes highlight the widespread effect of BMW’s EfficientDynamics push, according to Stavros Yallouridis, managing director of BMW Group Australia.

“There’s no reason why sports car drivers can’t meet their sporting and lifestyle needs whilst emitting fewer emissions and using less fuel.“Without improvements like these across the entire range, BMW would not be the acknowledged leader when it comes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions,” he says.

The EfficientDynamics strategy has been quite successful for BMW, recently lauded in Europe for cutting its carbon dioxide emissions more than any other brand last year.