Owners of a Mercedes-Benz Vito van will be receiving a letter in the mail to get their vehicles in for a quick fix over a potential fuel line leak.
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A total of just 139 examples of the the Vito have been recalled because, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Product Safety Australia website, the "high pressure fuel line may not have been manufactured to specification, this could result in fuel leakage".

The number is small as it is understood that only vehicles built during a specific period have the fault.

2016 Mercedes Benz Vito-37

All Vito models are diesel, so there's minimal chance of fire as a result of the leak, but according to the notice "fuel leakage on to the road surface may result in an increased risk of accident to the vehicle concerned and other road users".

There's no word on an estimated time required to do the repair, but CarAdvice understands it won't be an all-day affair. Affected owners will be sent a letter to let them know the required steps.