Ford Sync 3 rollout confirmed

The new Ford Sync 3 media system will be rolled out incrementally across a range of models over the coming months.
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Ford's updated media system offers better connectivity options, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring, as well as improved mapping and menu layouts.

According to Ford Australia’s senior applications engineer for infotainment and telematics, George Christopoulos, media systems such as Sync 3 are having a greater impact on purchasing decisions, with 61 per cent of customers saying “it is a significant impact on purchasing decision”.


According to Christopoulos, the Sync 3 system – which gets upgraded hardware and software – is designed to be “more intuitive, easier to use, and even quicker”.

It now has tablet-like functions including pinch to zoom and swipe control, and is said to be more sensitive to touch.

The system can update the maps and software over Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t offer the functionality of giving those in the car a Wi-Fi hot spot as Sync 2 did. That required a tethered phone to be hooked up to the car, and Ford’s argument is that if your phone can do it, why do you need your car to do it? Fair point, given that there’s no in-built SIM card.

SYNC 3 - AU - NAV2SYNC 3 - Climate

On that topic, Christopoulos said that it isn’t something the brand is looking just yet, but acknowledged that other manufacturers are going down the path of having a built-in car SIM to offer even more seamless internet connectivity.

The Sync 3 system, though, still has app usability by way of Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, and more.

Ford Australia also says the voice control system has been fine tuned to be able to deal with the Australian accent.

Mondeo RVC

The system will be offered on most Ford models, but there are a few that will miss out: the Fiesta won’t get it (it gets a new 5.0-inch screen for its existing system later this year), and there was no mention of the Kuga getting it, either.

Instead, the rollout of Sync 3 will look like this:



Focus ST
Focus RS

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