As Mazda prepares its next-generation RX-8 reports are leaking through that the design will be more evolutionary than revolutionary.
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With the model's seventh birthday fast approaching the team at Mazda are hurrying to finalise the product in time to compete with such new comers as the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and newly announced Toyota FT-86.

Mazda's head of design Ikuo Maeda told media at the Tokyo Motor Show that the next-generation car will be an evolutionary design of the current car and retain the same flavour when it comes to design cues and technology. The split-rear-door treatment is also likely to remain.


The 1.3-litre rotary engine will again feature in the revised model albeit with "significant improvements" thanks to Mazda’s new Sky engine technology. The next-generation rotary will feature more power while reducing fuel consumption and overall emissions.

We expect the next-generation Mazda RX-8 to be launched some time in early 2011.