The hydrogen-fuelled Toyota Mirai is back in Australia once again, but even if its polarising styling sings to you, you won't be buying one.
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Just three examples of the Mirai have come to Australia - this time for a few years - with a focus both on exposing the company's local offices to the technology expected to power its future, and also to promote that same concept in the local market.

The vehicles will be joined by a portable refuelling station, which will allow Toyota to tour the Mirai around the country for exposure to the public and to government.

The Mirai made its first appearance here last year, brought in as part of the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention that was held in Sydney in October.

Toyota Mirai Japan_2

So, while this latest program marks its second visit, Toyota's hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles remain off-limits to local buyers.

"We are extremely interested in fuel cell technology, but we need the relevant infrastructure in place before we can sell these vehicles in Australia," Toyota Australia president David Buttner said.

"This will take time to develop so it is imperative that we take a whole of industry approach so that we can move these plans along as quickly as possible.

"Fuel cell technology is expected to play a key role in the future and we do not want Australians to miss out on this."

Toyota Mirai Japan__6

Although most car makers exploring the electric-vehicle world are focused on conventional battery systems, a handful of companies - including Toyota, Honda and Hyundai - remain convinced that hydrogen is the way forward.

Hyundai, for its part, has already brought a hydrogen-fuelled vehicle to Australia for purposes similar to those of Toyota, with its ix35 FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) touching down locally in late 2014.

"After having a taste of the technology last October, we are incredibly excited to have not one, but three of the fuel cell vehicles back in Australia," Mr Buttner said.