The next-generation Ford Fiesta has been spied again, this time at the Nurburgring. However, this particular prototype is mooted to be a hotter 2017 Fiesta ST variant.
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With the standard Fiesta test vehicle snapped a fortnight ago in the European Alps, this prototype has a large, visible intercooler behind the front bumper - in addition to the Nurburgring setting behind it - which hints at a forced-induction, high-performance Fiesta ST.

No word has been given yet as to what will power the new hot hatch, however it is almost a certainty that the next Fiesta ST will feature a version of Ford’s turbocharged Ecoboost engine, likely to be a four-cylinder unit.

It’s also unknown whether the new hot Fiesta will offer an automatic option, considering the current ST can only be had with a manual transmission, in addition to Ford’s recent issues with its ‘Powershift’ dual-clutch auto.

Ford Fiesta Ring 6

What is known is that the next-generation of Ford’s light hatch is expected to grow in size, with reports speculating that the new Fiesta will push a little further upmarket to better compete with the Volkswagen Polo and new Mazda 2.

As with the prototype spotted a couple of weeks ago, the new hatch should feature a slimmer version of the company’s six-point front grille, taller headlights, and prominent shoulder lines.

More dramatic changes will occur at the rear, with a wider tailgate and rear bumper in addition to horizontal tail-lights in place of the current-generation’s stacked design. This prototype also features LED units.

However, the biggest difference between the current Fiesta and the new-generation will be the interior, which will focus on occupant comfort, offering more room, higher-quality materials and much-needed improvements to the car’s ageing infotainment systems.

Ford Fiesta Ring 10

It’s likely that higher-spec models will feature Ford’s new Sync 3 touchscreen infotainment system, complete with satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

With the current Fiesta nearing its ninth-birthday since its 2008 global debut, a replacement is long overdue. Expect the new-generation model to make its official debut either late this year or early next year, with Australian deliveries to commence some time in late 2017.

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