Update: Nissan Australia has confirmed that Australian models are not affected by this recall as local models use a different kind of occupant-sensing system. See bottom of article for details.
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Japanese manufacturer Nissan is recalling 3.53 million vehicles globally, due to a faulty occupant classification system (OCS) that may not deploy the airbags properly in the event of an accident.

Local owners can rest easy, however: Nissan Australia has confirmed with CarAdvice that the recall does not affect vehicles sold in Australia.

The recall involves 622,110 Nissan Sentra (Pulsar sedan) vehicles produced from 2013 to 2016, that may deploy the passenger-side airbags in collisions when they shouldn’t - such as when a child is in the seat.

2016 Nissan Sentra

However, numerous other model lines are believed to suffer the opposite problem, where the airbag may not deploy at all during an accident. Amongst the models affected are the 2013-17 Nissan Pathfinder SUV, 2013-16 Altima sedan, 2013-16 Leaf EV 2014-17 Rogue (X-Trail) SUV, 2015-16 Murano SUV and Infiniti Q50 sedans from 2014-16.

Nissan reports that it is aware of at least three incidents where airbags in one of the affected models didn’t function correctly, which resulted in “moderate injuries”.

Nissan Motor Co. spokesman David Reuter said: “The planned remedy varies by vehicle and will include software reprogramming in some models and [a] hardware replacement in other models”.

This is the fourth recall since 2013 for similar issues in Nissan vehicles.

Update: A spokesperson from Nissan Australia has told CarAdvice that vehicles sold in Australia aren't affected by the recall because local models do not have OCS installed. Australian-market vehicles use a different type of occupant seat-sensing technology.