Porsche has handed down a special new video that offers an insight into the design process of its new models. In this case, it’s the Mission E concept, revealed at last year’s Frankfurt motor show.
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The Mission E was first revealed as a preview of what could be a future rival to the likes of Tesla, debuting an all-electric drive system beneath a skin both iconically Porsche and unquestionably futuristic.

Porsche then gave fans an early Christmas gift in December when it revealed that a version of the Mission E will make its way to production, promising that a “100 per cent electrically-powered” model is on the way.

Good news for Porsche’s product planners is that the Mission E was also declared Best Concept Car Design at the Car Design Night event that preceded this year’s Geneva motor show in March.

This new video sees Porsche style director Michael Mauer walk us through the philosophies and processes used in creating the Mission E, revealing a behind-the-scenes look at the sketching and clay crafting phases of the project.

No surprise that the marque’s styling masters looked back at classic Porsche models for inspiration, along with the current 919 Le Mans endurance racer.


Mauer also talks about the Mission E’s driving capability, touching on the relationship between this latest concept and the Boxster E prototype that appeared in 2011.

Catch the video above, and more of our coverage at the links below.