Mitsubishi Evo's Baby Brother?

Lacking the boy-racer trim which makes the latest Evo oh so seductive, photos of what seems to be a toned down performance model 2008 Lancer have emerged.
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(photos have been removed at the request of copyright holder - to see the images click here)

The prominent front-mounted intercooler obviously indicates this beast has been force-fed. However the lack of an enormous rear wing and robust sports features coupled with the fact that the Evo X has already been revealed make this mule somewhat intriguing.

The cashless and heart broken boy-racer in me hopes that Mitsubishi have acknowledged the market gap left by Subaru - and its shock new WRX - and created a wolf in sheep's clothing. Like the WRX was to the STi, this new model will hopefully form the link between the standard 2008 Lancer and the full-blown Evo.

Sitting low on 10-spoke 18" alloys, the guards are not flared and the grill has been toned down. However the twin-tips down back and the intercooler up front suggest this car may yet breathe fire. Only time will tell whether this is just an enthusiasts project car, or the successor to the WRX.