Rolls-Royce Phantom EV in the pipeline

An unnamed Rolls-Royce company executive has told reporters the luxury manufacturer is planning to build an electric version of its Phantom saloon.
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And while the notion of a Phantom EV may seem a little queer, the usual issues associated with electric vehicles - reduced range, extra weight and increased price - would hardly be an issue in a car that is primarily used around town, already features a heavy V12 and costs around half-a-million dollars, leaving the proposition not nearly as far fetched as it seems.

With electric motors and lithium-ion batteries being available almost off the shelf, possibly from parent company BMW, costs may even be cheaper than that of the Phantom's currently hand-built twelve-cylinder power plant.


Strong on torque, electric motors would also fit well with the Rolls-Royce driving experience while their silent operation would no doubt also suit the demands of VIP passengers.

With no word on timing the Phantom EV is most likely still a few years away, but it's an interesting idea all the same, and one that is sure to challenge the mindset of brand purists.

CarAdvice will keep you posted on any developments.