Curb your excitement Australia. We may buy the highest ratio of AMG to regular Mercedes-Benz models in the world, and there may be a Mercedes-Benz-developed dual-cab ute in the pipeline… but the two are not planned to collide.
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Yet to have its name officially confirmed, though speculated to potentially carry the moniker X-, Z- or possibly GLT-Class, Mercedes-Benz has confirmed to CarAdvice its upcoming pickup will not be offered as a standalone AMG model.

Speaking to CarAdvice at this week's 2016 Geneva motor show, AMG chief executive Tobais Moers said, “(AMG) styling is possible - why not… but doing a car? I don’t think so.”


The development of the Mercedes-Benz pickup is under the wing of the commercial vehicle division headed by Volker Mornhinweg. There are no AMG derivatives in any of the brand's commercial vehicle line-up.

So sadly, as it currently stands, that dream of a 400kW GLT63 dual-cab ute, is just that – a dream...

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