Aston Martin Vanquish - no more

When we spent a few days in an Aston Martin DB9 we were left a little speechless, although you don't here this often, but for the price tag (from $335,000) its a steal! Despite being told it's not a supercar, from what we gathered, not only is it a supercar, but it's one of the best supecars money can buy!
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We fell inlove with Aston Martin, not just for the power and handling, but for the style, luxury, stunning interior and most importantly, the rich racing history of the company.

So when we heard Aston Martin has put an end to production of the V12 Vanquish, we held a moment of silence. The Vanquish has been the halo car for Aston Martin in the last 6 years and with the closure of it's Newport Pagnell plant (UK)- The Vanquish goes into the history books as the most sought after Aston Martin to date.

Aston Martin Vanquish - no more

Aston Martin are moving all production and staff to the Gaydon facility at Warwickshire (UK), although production of the Vanquish will not continue.

Our review of the Aston Martin DB9 should be up early next week