Buyers shopping in the large premium car market have been given another glimpse of the new 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class this week, thanks to some revealing product photos.
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These images, released last week with the unveiling of the new large car’s interior styling and technologies, reveal a selection of tasty Easter eggs, with the new-generation E-Class exposed in the background.

In one image, a family portrait offers a view of the E-Class range through the ages, with the new W213 model sitting proud at the front of the pack.


A second image reveals another look at the new model’s front end, while others in this selection reveal the sedan body’s profile styling.

These photos mark the first undisguised appearance of the new E-Class, but regular readers of CarAdvice and those closely watching the new car market won’t be surprised by the new range’s final look.

Spy photos in recent months have already revealed much of the 2016 model’s design, but even without, there could be little doubt that the coming E-Class would follow in the styling steps of its smaller C-Class and larger S-Class siblings.

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The new E-Class is built on a stretched version of the MRA rear- and all-wheel drive platform that underpins the new C-Class.

And, while it has yet to be spied, we can expect to see a wagon variant join the range in the near future.


The requisite Coupe body has also been spied testing recently, with these images - above and below - revealing again that the two-door E-Class will take its cues from the related C- and S-Class models.