Lexus Australia has issued a recall notice for its ES350 petrol and ES300h hybrid sedans, over concerns that its pre-collision safety systems may not function correctly.
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The luxury carmaker reports that in both cars, the system’s sensors may interpret steel expansion joints or plates in the road as an object to be avoided.

The overly sensitive system may then sound a warning alert, and may also apply the brakes as it is designed to do in a genuine accident situation.

The company says that unexpected braking “when no impending collision object is present” could increase the risk of an accident.


A specific number of affected vehicles has not been confirmed, although vehicles between the VIN numbers 02082530 to 02210168 for the ES350, and 02038007 to 02100549 for the ES300h, may be affected.

Lexus has confirmed it will contact owners of affected vehicles by mail, however concerned owners are advised to contact their nearest Lexus dealer.