2017 BMW 5 Series GT spy photos

The second-generation BMW 5 Series GT has been spotted by our spy photography team in Europe.
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It's understood that the new 5 Series GT will utilise the new Carbon Core platform launched with the new 7 Series, and which will also likely be found underneath the next-generation 5 Series that's currently in development.

Our photographers have spied both the sedan and wagon versions of the new 5 Series, as well as its interior, but these photos are our first good look at the new GT.


As with the present 5 Series GT, it looks like the new car will feature a unique body with higher roof line and a liftback-style rear end.

From what we can see, the car's new tailgate will be a sleeker and more sharply styled affair than the current vehicle's, although whether it becomes a truly attractive proposition is still very much open to debate.


Thanks to the use of carbonfibre, aluminium, high-strength steel and other lightweight components, the new 5 Series GT will likely shed around 100 kilograms compared to today's car, benefitting both fuel economy and performance.

Under the bonnet, the new GT will employ a subset of the turbocharged petrol and diesel engines that will be used in the rest of the 5 Series range. It's possible that the new car may also be offered as a plug-in hybrid at some point.

Rumours indicate that the new 5 Series GT could debut as early as the end of 2016.