Subaru is adamant that the styling of Tokyo’s Impreza 5-Door Concept is faithful to the next-generation small car and that the design will also translate to sedan form.
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When asked if the markedly more stylish design direction of this week's new concept is indicative of future production form, Subaru's design and advanced product planning manager Manoru Ishii replied with an emphatic “yes”.

It’s touted that the all-new Impreza, underpinned by the company’s new architecture, will arrive in 2017.

Representatives from the carmaker did not confirm, however, if Tokyo’s concept - which is wider, shorter and lower than the existing Impreza range - was indeed built off its forthcoming platform.


CarAdvice's own spy photos reveal that, as expected, the new Impreza's dimensions - particularly in height - will be more 'real world' than its concept sibling, but we can likely expect much of the show car's finer details to inspire the final look.

“Customers view the current Impreza [design approach] very much with a safety image [though] not with a fun image,” Ishii explains. “The next Impreza needs to be more emotional [in appeal].

“[it] needs to be fun, sportier and [stylistically] faster. More dynamism.”

When asked if the 5-Door Concept’s design translates naturally into a four-door version, Ishii’s response is “of course”.


However, Ishii stopped short of admitting if the so-called Dynamic & Solid look would be applied to a wagon – in other words, a future Levorg to replace the current and still very new WRX-inspired model bound for Australia in mid-2016.

“No, no, no - at this stage there’s no other body style [in consideration].”

Subaru says that the Impreza 5-Door Concept represents the “first next-generation model” indicative of its new “Dynamic and Solid” design language, part of FHI’s Mid-Term Management Vision “Prominence 2020” the company revealed last year.

“Priority for design is (now) higher for both the exterior and interior than it has been in the past," Ishii said, with the stipulation that styling would be pushed evidently more upmarket with next-gen Impreza.