Subaru Quality & Reliability

I mentioned earlier this month how a German survey had found Subarus as the least likely vehicle to breakdown, this was a great achievement for the upcoming Japanese brand. To add to this, our friendly neighbours in New Zealand have rated Subaru as having the highest quality and reliability of all car brands!
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Subaru ranked first for quality and reliability, with 894 points, ahead of Honda (891) and Toyota (875). Subaru ranked second for vehicle appeal and vehicle service satisfaction, and third for new car owner satisfaction. A total of 14,838 vehicle owners from among NZ AA members were surveyed online. | Automobile Association of New Zealand (AA).

Subaru's constant reliability has been highlighted by countless surveys and studies, but it is also worth noting how the top three of the vehicles that show up in that list are all Japanese! What about the German brands? What happened to the German reliability of the 80s? The German powerhouse has been plagued with problems in the last few years. Mercedes has gone through a few recalls, and has promised to take quality back to Mercedes standards, while the likes of BMW and Audi have also suffered due to poor dealer satisfaction.