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News earlier this year that Toyota had registered the trademark ‘S-FR’ immediately kicked off speculation that the carmaker had picked a new name for its anticipated Supra successor. Today, that theory comes undone.

Revealed here is the S-FR, a new compact sports coupe concept that will debut at this month’s Tokyo motor show.

The concept’s name represents a simple and, for many, hugely desirable design arrangement: a small build, with a front-engined rear-drive format.


Toyota describes the decidedly retro-looking coupe as a concept that “continues the proud heritage of Toyota’s fun-to-drive lightweight sports cars”.

“The concept’s long nose and wide stance make for an archetypal sports car profile, while the familiar roundness of its frame inspires a feeling of closeness,” Toyota says.

“The simple and modern finish of the interior rounds off a design that stresses approachable simplicity while conveying the vehicle’s performance and sporty spirit.”

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Full details for the compact coupe are still to be revealed, although Toyota has confirmed some key points: dimensions.

In concept form, the S-FR measures 3990mm long, 1320mm tall and 1695mm wide, riding on a 2480mm wheelbase.

By comparison, Toyota’s current entry-level – and in fact only – sports car, the 86, comes in at 4234mm long, 1285mm tall and 1775mm wide, with a 2570mm wheelbase.


With the 86 weighing in at around 1250kg, we can likely expect the S-FR to tip the scales at about 1000kg, if not a hair lighter.

Toyota claims the S-FR will seat four, but, as any 86 owner knows, the rear seats will likely be better described as a glorified parcel shelf.

A six-speed manual transmission is also specified for the concept, but that all-important detail – powertrain – won’t be revealed until Tokyo, if at all.

As for its platform, it is possible that the S-FR is built on the Toyota New Global Architecture design, which supports both front- and rear-wheel drive configurations.


Will we see the S-FR in showrooms? Toyota says the little concept is “pitched as an entry-level model”, and the company is understood to have its sights set on production.

If a launch is locked in, expect the S-FR to hit Japan no sooner than 2017.

As for a wider launch into western markets, time will tell…

“The S-FR was conceptualized as the kind of vehicle that attracts its own die-hard fan base, whose members love driving and customizing it,” Toyota says.


Can you see yourself as a die-hard fan of the S-FR, or are you holding out for the next Supra? Tell us in the comments below.

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