The Honda Project 2&4 will make its public debut at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show, which takes place around the middle of September.
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At the moment, Honda isn't reavling too many specifics about the new concept car, except that the Project 2&4 is powered by the same engine used in the RC213V MotoGP bike.

For MotoGP duty, the 1.0-litre four-stroke V4 engine is said to develop at least 176kW of power.

So far, the only image that's been released of the Project 2&4 is this top-down view of about half of the vehicle. According to the company, the Frankfurt-bound concept has a "cabin-less structure [that] produces an immersive driving environment combining ... the freedom of a motorcycle and the manoeuvrability of a car".

Honda says that the Project 2&4 was the winning design in a competition run between all of Honda's design studios. The final version of the concept car, which will be seen at the Frankfurt show, was a collaboration between the company's Asaka motorcycle and Wako automobile design centres.

The Project 2&4 reportedly "represents the company’s drive to inspire and reward creative thinking" and embodies the spirit of "creative craftsmanship".