Fiat will split its future line-up into two distinct camps, with lifestyle models on one side of the fence and regular offerings on the other, a new report claims.
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The new strategy is understood to be built around core ‘Emotional’ and ‘Rational’ divisions - a plan which, according to the UK’s Autocar, was presented internally this week.

Fiat is already known to be preparing a new 124 Spider off Mazda’s MX-5 platform, while other lines such as the growing family of 500 models are also defined as lifestyle options.

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That latter group already includes the iconic 500 city car and the larger 500L mini-MPV, along with the new 500X compact SUV, which is expected to share its platform with a new Mini-rivalling five-door hatch in the near future.

At the other end will be a range of conventional passenger and utility models, including a replacement for the Panda, a successor to the tiny Uno, and a small new sedan and wagon based on the recently revealed Aegea.

That new pair is believed to be bound for a debut at next year’s Geneva motor show.


Luca Napolitano, head of the Fiat brand for Europe, the Middle East and Russia, told Autocar that development and promotion of the ‘Rational’ line will be guided by “functionality and value for money”.

Details on precisely when and how Fiat’s new plan will be rolled out, although the internal presentation is understood to have proposed a new-generation Fiat dealership divided into two distinct areas with unique styling and colours for both sections.