Honda NSX V6 uses Cosworth block and heads

The V6 motor in the second-generation Honda NSX has a block and heads made by British engine specialist Cosworth.
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Over the weekend we reported that production of the second-generation Honda NSX will be delayed from the third quarter of 2015 to the second quarter of 2016.

Part of the blame for this delay was sheeted to a late decision to switch the new NSX from a naturally aspirated engine to a turbocharged one. This not only required the engineering team to come up with a bespoke V6, but has meant that extra time is required for engineering and testing.

Acura and Honda officials told Autoblog that the new NSX's engine block, as well as its heads, are supplied from Britain by Cosworth. These are then turned into twin-turbo V6 powerplants by Honda at its engine plant in Ohio.

The decision to run with a turbocharged engine came late in the piece, when the NSX's design was almost finalised. The change meant that the new NSX had to switch from the original transverse engine layout to a longitudinal one, and forced the car's designers to add a little bit of extra length to the almost completed car.

Another knock-on effect is that there's now a transmission hump in the car's boot, making it a tighter fit for the set of golf clubs that it's designed to swallow.

2015 Honda NSX SAE

Around 47 computers are responsible for controlling the new NSX's various functions, including its complex hybrid drivetrain consisting of a 75-degree twin-turbo V6, an electric motor for the rear axle, a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission, and an electric motor for each of the front wheels.

This latest report adds to our knowledge of the technical aspects of the new NSX, but Honda has yet to reveal how much power and torque the new car will have at its disposal, nor have the NSX's performance numbers been divulged.

The new NSX has been confirmed for Australian release, but timing has yet to be announced. No pricing details are yet available, but the sticker may read as high as $250,000.