Hybrid Disappointment Leads to Lawsuit

In America (where else but) a man is suing Honda for what he believes to be misleading estimates on the mileage of his hybrid Honda Civic.
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The manufacturer claimed fuel consumption to be around 45/51 mpg, but hybrid owner John True experienced mileage far less than expected, only around 32mpg on average. True, a jazz piano player - not a lawyer, as is the norm with these kind of law suits - is set to make history by filing the first legal challenge of the mileage claims of hybrid vehicles.

True is not alone however, with many hybrid owner's angered by the fact that their quest to save the world is falling horribly short.

"This case does seek relief for tens of thousands of consumers like Mr. True, who paid thousands of dollars extra for a hybrid that looks identical and performs basically the same as the non-hybrid Honda Civic,"

It seems what hybrid vehicle owner's don't seem to realise is that aggressive driving engages the petrol motor, making the electric motor as well as optimal fuel usage redundant.

George Skentzos

Source: AUTOSInsider