Slammin' FPV Territory on the way

If you thought Ford's Territory Turbo had enough to keep most expensive SUVs honest, there's plenty of speculation that FPV will be tinkering with the Territory to bring out a neck-wrenching SUV to challenge the likes of its more expensive competitors - BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes al.
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One of our spy photographers has spotted a worked Territory recently whilst Falcon hunting. Although they are only rear shots of the vehicle, the front end has some modifications, which can't be seen from the rear shots, but are indicated via the cladding over the front end - beginning from the front wheel arches.

Although our spy photographer was sitting some distance from the car - they mentioned that it was letting out an almighty wail under full-throttle acceleration, indicating that the FPV version of the Territory may use some of the F6 Typhoon's engine kit.

FPV Territory Spy Photographs

It's believed a modified version of the ZF Sachs gearbox will reside in the FPV Territory. Although already modified for the Territory Turbo, it's believed that more power and the need for power to be sent through an AWD system will lead to further modifications for the gearbox.

There is a possibility an FPV Territory will be introduced prior to the release of the next generation 'Orion' Falcon. If not, the FPV Territory will be sure to feature an upgraded turbo-6 that will be used in the next generation Falcon.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled for angry looking Territories, as they're likely to be FPV development mules.

Ed's note: A short video clip of the FPV Territory has been provided courtesy of a reader.