French brand Citroen has announced it will back up its strong six-year unlimited kilometre warranty with a new capped-price and roadside assist program known as Citroen Confidence.
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The company’s new ownership program ranks Citroen among the strongest ownership programs on offer, only bettered by the seven-year capped-price servicing/roadside assistance/warranty program offered by Kia.

To break it down, Citroen says the program covers servicing which is set for intervals of 12 months or 15,000 kilometres, up to six years or 90,000km. The program also includes roadside assistance for that period, and operates alongside the brand’s existing warranty program that offers six years or unlimited kilometres of coverage.

2016 Citroen C4_50

The servicing costs are higher than some rivals, but Citroen includes all fluid replacement, where some other brands charge for this. The breakdown of the yearly/kilometre service structure is as follows:

  • 12mths/15,000km = $352
  • 24mths/30,000km = $707
  • 36mths/45,000km = $421
  • 48mths/60,000km = $775
  • 60mths/75,000km = $416
  • 72mths/90,000km = $959

Citroen Automobiles Australia general manager John Startari said the news of the new ownership program could draw in potential new buyers who may have otherwise looked elsewhere.

“To further assist with the rational needs of our customers, from today we begin the rollout of the newly devised Citroen Confidence program,” Startari said at the launch of the new C4 hatchback.


“The Citroen Confidence program brings together servicing and roadside assistance under the one banner. The program consists of a total of six years or 90,000 kilometres of capped-price servicing, and six years of roadside assist. It’s aimed at simplifying communication with potential customers and the benefits of Citroen ownership.

“Citroen Confidence complements our existing six-year, unlimited kilometre warranty for passenger vehicles. The new naming convention will be progressively rolled out across all of our communication channels, starting with our new website, and point of sale, over the coming months.”

The brand has launched the refreshed C4 hatchback with a promotional campaign for potential buyers that includes capped-price servicing and roadside assistance for free, which equates to $3600 of additional value. It applies to the new C4 and the current C4 Picasso, and runs until 30 September.