Kumho has claimed a top design award for a futuristic tyre able to vary the position of and space between its tread blocks.
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Dubbed the Kumho Maxplo, the super-low aspect ratio tyre features tread blocks that claim to have the ability to adjust their position to suit a range of weather conditions, from completely dry to snow.

Referred to as "the ultimate all-weather product", Kumho says the tread blocks broaden in slippery on- and off-road conditions, while spikes are released to “deal with the dangers of snow and ice”.

Kumho Tyre Australia manager of marketing and training David Basha believes the award winning concept has the potential to “totally revolutionise” all-condition tyre design.

"While Maxplo may not be hitting our roads in the near future, many of its concepts will flow into tyre design over the next few years and the overall concept will continue to be refined with a view to one day offering tyres such as this to consumers," Basha said.

The variable-tread block concept helped the South Korean tyre manufacturer secure a top-level Platinum award in the ‘Futuristic class’ of the Italian A' Design Awards.

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