Fiat back in Australia

Fiat is coming back to Australia! Don't look too excited now! This is Fiat we are talking about, they had cool cars... like.. um.. hmm.. okay.. aww.. the X-19 for the 80s? Yeah? No? Okay how about the fact that they own Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo? Yeah bet you didn't know that!
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Fiat packed up its bags and left Australia in 1988 much to the disappointment of many Fiat fans. However after a long 18 years, they have decided to come back. They see Australia as a growing market place and have invested in their future down under. The car that is bringing Fiat back, is the Fiat Punto, set for launch next month, the baby sized car is aimed at the new "Hyundai Excel" generation. I use that term because the target is the same age group that originally went for the Excel, perhaps though with a little more money as the Punto starts at $20,000.

Welcome back Fiat!