A prototype of the Ford GT has been spotted by our spy photographers out on public roads in North America.
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The Ford GT seen here is clearly development mule as the exterior body panels don't quite line up in a few places.

It's also missing a cover for the lower grille and side intakes, seems to be completely free of paint and looks rather naked without its rear diffuser in place.


As well, the car features temporary headlight innards, different wing mirrors, exhaust tips that protrude wildly from the middle of the rear bumper, and makeshift tail-lights.

These missing and interim components could indicate that there will be detail changes between the vehicle that wowed us all earlier this year and the final production vehicle.

The car here rides on BBS alloy wheels and Michelin tyres, and has stopping power provided by Brembo brakes.


The latest-generation Ford GT debuted at the 2015 Detroit auto show after being developed in almost absolute secrecy by a team of six. The car has since since appeared at other auto shows, sometimes sporting different paint work.

Final outputs and performance figures have yet to be revealed, but Ford GT will be powered by a 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 engine with around 450kW of power.


Production of the Ford GT is being outsourced to Canadian carbonfibre specialist Multimatic. Yearly output will be limited, while the sticker price will eclipse that of the previous-generation model.

Earlier this week, Car Advice spent time with the team at the Ford Performance division who are readying the GT for production and sale. With them we learnt that the GT won't be made in right-hand drive, why the engineers decided to eschew electrification, and that the new supercar's OS has more lines of code than Boeing 787 Dreamliner.