The outgoing Mitsubishi Triton will continue to be sold alongside the new-generation Triton for at least the rest of this year.
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Speaking with CarAdvice at the launch of the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton on Fraser Island, Mitsubishi Australia product manager Owen Thompson confirmed the brand's decision to sell the workhorse duo side by side for the remainder of 2015 and potentially beyond.

“We can confirm that will be happening,” said Thomson. “There will still be stock of the outgoing model in dealers for the foreseeable future."

Thomson did, however, rule out the possibility of Mitsubishi mimicking Nissan, which has been running the outgoing D40 model alongside the previous-generation D22 ute.

“That won’t be an option for us,” he said.


The strategy will effectively give Mitsubishi Australia two separate price points for the Triton. The superseded utility will sit in the bargain basement section of the market with run-out pricing, while the 2016 model will be positioned above it with the new prices announced today.

Continuing to sell the previous-generation Triton also means Mitsubishi will still be able to offer a petrol-powered Triton, as the new-generation petrol Triton isn't due to arrive in local showrooms until the end of this year.