A new Ferrari California, said to be one of only two in Australia, has been impounded by police after a Perth-based motoring journalist was caught travelling at 231km/h through the West Australian wheatbelt.
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The Italian supercar, valued at almost $500,000, has now been impounded after Financial Review motoring writer Rod Easdown was detected at more than double the posted speed limit around noon today.

The car, owned by the importer Ateco Automotive, has now been impounded for seven days under the new hoon legislation, which means its duties among the various West Australian media outlets will be put on hold.

Police have charged the 57-year-old male driver, from Wembley, with reckless driving.

A police spokesman said: "The incident should serve to remind drivers that regardless of a car’s capabilities, excessive speed is a contributing factor in about 60 people dying on our roads each year."

Edward Rowe, public affairs manager, Ateco Automotive Australia, told CarAdvice that; "At this point we have no comment to make as charges are pending."

With the CarAdvice team restricting its high-speed driving to private facilities or German autobahns it reminds us that supercars in Australia essentially rely on reputation alone.

Source: PerthNow