Kia Forte LP1 Hybrid

This is Kia’s Forte(known as Cerato in Australia) LP1 Hybrid, which is due for release in the Korean market next month.
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Its part of Kia Motors push towards a range of what they are calling “earth-positive vehicles” and their new environmental brand “EcoDynamics”.

It’s a hybrid with a twist though; this car runs on both Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) - and electricity.


The engine is 1.6-litre Gamma LP1 HEV unit producing 84kW and 148Nm of torque mated to a fuel efficient Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), said to be good for approximately 5.5-litres per 100 kilometres.

This new Kia is also the first car in the world to use lithium polymer batteries, which compared to nickel-metal-hydride (Ni-MH) used by the most advanced hybrids today, provides more power in a lighter and smaller package.

Forte LPI Hybrid(2)

Kia also plans to introduce a mid-sized, full hybrid car in 2011, followed up by a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2012.