Walkinshaw Performance Products (WPP) are excited to announce the latest edition to its performance enhancing product range - the WP190 Supercharger.
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This new unit from Eaton's revolutionary Twin Vortices Series brings unparalleled levels of power combined with efficiencies not seen before in a package of this nature.

Utilising a twin four-lobe high-twist 160 degree helix rotor group to force feed 1.9 litres of intercooled air into the engine, the WP190 produces more usable torque lower in the range at a dramatically more efficient rate (up to 35 per cent more efficient than its predecessor).

Being at the forefront of performance enhancement has lead WPP to focus on total performance efficiencies in the pursuit of the ultimate package, something the WP190 now brings to the market like nothing before. Encompassed in WPP’s bespoke Red Hot housing, the new unit promises to create a quieter, more responsive and efficient performance enhancement.

As with all WPP Supercharged Packages, the new addition comes complete with a new Intake Manifold, Water-to-Air Intercooler, High Flow Injectors, Cold Air Intake and ECU Recalibration.

For further information please contact the team at Walkinshaw Performance.