Tour the Ferrari P 4/5

In this (I'll admit it, poor) video, we catch a rare glimpse into not only the creation of one of the world's most striking and unique sports cars, the Ferrari P 4/5, but also delve into the mind of its owner and his motivations to create such an amazing piece of machinery.
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The car in question is a completely revamped Ferrari Enzo, styled as the successor to the Ferrari P 3/4 supercar of the 60s. Whilst it may only be a rebodied Enzo, its striking looks have earned it the right to bare the Ferrari badge as it has been endorsed by the iconic manufacturer as a credit to the brand.

If you don't watch it for the car, then watch it if only to look into the private life of a car enthusiast with the assets to make his dreams a reality.

George Skentzos

Source: TechEBlog