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The new Subaru Outback had a momentous and record-breaking month of sales in March, with its maker’s Australian arm registering 1180 units — growth of 410.8 per cent.

So strong was the new Outback’s month, it finished third in the big-selling large SUV segment, behind only the Toyota Prado (1483) and Jeep Grand Cherokee (1197).

Clearly, those big price cuts of up to $10,000 announced at the Outback’s market launch last December are working.

Edit: In fact, the five-seat Outback defeated all its ‘soft-roader’ rivals, including the Toyota Kluger (1017), Holden Captiva 7 (973), Ford Territory (767), Hyundai Santa Fe (598), Nissan Pathfinder (561), Mazda CX-9 (319) and Kia Sorento (194).

In raw terms, the differential between Outback sales this March and in March 2014 was 949 units. Across the entire market, only the Mitsubishi Triton posted a bigger gross growth figure (not including brand new model names without baseline March 2014 sales).

The new Outback and Liberty (up 350 per cent to 425 units), both of which launched at the end of last year and are therefore still new to market, made up for a loss in volume on other Subaru models, alongside the new-generation WRX (up 560 per cent to 331).

Subaru sales in total for March grew 5 per cent to 4002 units — the Outback, clearly, accounted for more than a quarter of all Subaru sales and beat even the Forester (1167) — putting it in 10th spot in the market for the month.

Some other key Subaru models, however, went backwards. The Impreza fell 62 per cent to 191 units, and the XV more than halved to 606 units as a host of newer small SUV rivals stole its thunder.

The Outback growth also offset to loss of the discontinued Tribeca, which cost the company 147 sales compared to last month.

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