Top Gear Australia Season 2 finale preview

Just as Top Gear in the UK starts off its new series, our own home-grown version is set to come to a climactic close with the final episode of the second season due to air next Monday.
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In the finale, Steve claims his prize for beating James in the mobility scooter race by reviewing the iconic Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 3 before leaving it in the hands of the Stig for a benchmark lap.

Meanwhile, Warren Brown drives the car that Porsche said they would never build, racing a diesel Cayenne SUV against an Australian stock horse.

With a “route that has more bends than a contortionist’s Christmas party,” Warren negotiates the winding mountain roads while the horse takes a Man from Snowy River approach.

Then it’s Warren versus James in the battle of the super luxury sedans, pitting the most expensive Japanese car on sale in Australia, the Lexus LS600hL, against the German luxury icon - the Mercedes Benz S-Class.

“How predictable, a big grey Mercedes. How challenging!” said James. “Coming from you who’s turned up in an automotive equivalent of a digital watch,” said Warren.

Finally, an onscreen underworld character is the 'Star in a Bog Standard Car' with Gyton Grantley taking the wheel of the Proton.