The EDAG Light Cocoon will be the German design consultancy firm's main concept car at the 2015 Geneva motor show, which will be held in March.
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EDAG, whose name stands for Engineering and Design AG, wanted to create a body structure that did without any material that wasn't absolutely necessary. This lead the company to pattern the Light Cocoon's construction on that of a leaf.

According to Johannes Barckmann, EDAG's head designer, the Light Cocoon concept uses "a stable, branch-like load bearing structure from the 3D printer, which only uses material where it is absolutely necessary".

The consultancy performed a whole range of static and dynamic calculations and simulations to figure out what the optimal structural design would be for a coupe-style car. Once that was completed, EDAG approached clothing company Jack Wolfskin to supply a weatherproof outer skin that would be stretched over the car's under-structure.

EDAG claims that the Jack Wolfskin-supplied covering weighs a mere 19 grams per square metre, and is about four times lighter than the standard type of paper used in photocopiers.

The company has also fitted a backlight to highlight the car's minimalist web-like structure and tightly stretched translucent skin.