Ahead of its move into production in 2015, the Detroit Electric SP:01 has been given a visual and aerodynamics makeover.
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Like current electric car darling, Tesla Motors, Detroit Electric's first production model is based on the Lotus Elise. The company initially revealed the SP:01 to the world last year, but it has since made a number of alterations to the vehicle.

The biggest change is the SP:01's new fastback rump, which replaces the flying buttresses employed by last year's car, as well as by the donor Elise. Other changes include a new rear wing, revised underbody diffuser and subtle changes to the bonnet.

All up, Detroit Electric's changes are said to increase downforce, reduce lift and improve the car's high speed on-the-limit handling.

Detroit Electric SP01 - fastback rear

Two versions of the SP:01 will be available to buyers: Pure and Performance. In the 1155-kilogram Pure, a 150kW/280Nm electric motor is situated behind the driver and passenger, powering the rear wheels. That, in Detroit Electric's estimation, is good for a 0-100km/h time of 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 170km/h.

The Performance model weighs 20kg more, but has a more powerful 210kW/280Nm electric powerplant. Thus endowed the SP:01 can race from 0-100km/h in 3.9sec and on to a maximum velocity of 250km/h.

Both versions feature a 37kWh battery and are claimed to offer a driving range of 288 kilometres.

Detroit Electric SP01 - top down

Despite the company's the name, all SP:01 models will be built at the company's factory in Leamington Spa, UK.

Detroit Electric claims that, when the SP:01 starts trundling down the assembly line next year, it will be the world's fastest pure electric production car.