This isn't exactly a car, in fact we don't really know what it is, its a cross between a superbike and a small jet aircraft, whatever it is, its called an Acabion GTBO.
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The GTBO is a hybrid electric/gasoline turbo. There are two variants, the Acabion GTBO 55 (360kg) and the Acabion GTBO 70 (300kg).

Both variants are more than 5M in length, 780CM wide and 1.27M high. The whole thing is made from Carbon fibre, with many aircraft design principles applied. The engine frame is made from high-strength steel.

Acabion GTBO - Jet On Wheels

Power figures? Just wait for a second, the main reason this thing is built isnt for speed, but its to show how environmentally friendly a - superjet on wheels - can be. Acabion claims the vehicles will use:

  • At 100 km/h - Fuel consumption : 4 L/100 km - Range : 2400 km
  • At 200 km/h - Fuel consumption : 6 L/100 km - Range : 1650 km
  • At 300 km/h - Fuel consumption : 9 L/100 km - Range : 1100 km
  • At 400 km/h - Fuel consumption : 14 L/100 km - Range : 700 km
  • At 450 km/h - Fuel consumption : 16 L/100 km - Range : 550 km

Yes, you might be thinking now, where you are going to find a 550km straight stretches of road to maintain 450km/hr speeds long enough to calculate fuel efficiency!?

Acabion GTBO - Jet On Wheels

The power figures are somewhat mind blowing. The GTBO 55 has 404 KW / 550 hp at 9,300 rpm and 420 Nm of torque at 6,900 rpm. That doesn't sound all that great, until you look at the power to weight ratio : 1530 hp/ton (or 1120kW/per). The GTBO 55 can go from 0-415km/hr in 26 seconds.

Acabion GTBO - Jet On Wheels

Of course the GTBO 55, is the more.. down to earth variant, there is always the killer GTBO 70. With 514kW/700hp at 9,300 RPM and 490 Nm of torque at 6,900 RPM. The GTBO 70 has a power to weight ratio of 2000 hp/ton (1468kW/ton). The GTBO 70 goes from 0-415km/hr in 19 seconds.

How much does it cost? Do you really want to know? Maybe its better if we leave the price out so we can all dream? Okay, didn't think so. The GTBO starts from €1.6m (2.5m AUD). Only 26 of these things will be made in the next four years!

Acabion GTBO - Jet On Wheels

Thanks to EnviroFuel for the tip.