Toyota sold its seven millionth hybrid vehicle in September, just nine months after it crossed the six million mark.
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These numbers include hybrid vehicles sold under the company's luxury marque, Lexus, which has contributed 770,400 electrified cars to the company's total.


It probably shocks no one to learn that the most popular hybrid car in Toyota's stable, and also throughout the world, is the regular Prius hatch and first-generation sedan. Some 3.36 million plain Prii — yes, that's the official plural form — have been sold since the original sedan was launched in 1997 in Japan.

Overseas sales didn't start until 2000 in the US, with the Prius landing in Australia in 2001.

While hybrids have been tremendously successful in both Japan and North America, where Toyota has sold 3.3 million and 2.6 million respectively. Together, these two markets, account for almost 84 per cent of the hybrids that Toyota has sold worldwide.


In Australia, Toyota has sold a total of 55,442 hybridised vehicles and Lexus 12,244. Unlike the major markets, the Camry Hybrid is Toyota Australia's most popular hybrid model and accounts for almost half of the hybrids sold by Toyota in Australia.

Although it only began local production and sales in 2010, the Camry Hybrid easily outranks the Prius, of which around 19,000 have been sold down under. The most popular Lexus hybrids in Australia are the CT200h and RX450h.