About a week ago we mentioned that Subaru Japan have ditched the WRX badge and have gone with "Turbo S GT" as the model name variant - at the time we had no confirmation from Subaru Australia regarding the name changes here.
Subaru Impreza 2008, Subaru WRX 2008
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However, this morning, Subaru Spokesman David Rowley told Car Advice to stop worrying:

There was never any intention for the WRX badge to disappear from the Australian market, where the car has a very strong following going back to 1994. He said.

But why exactly is Japan changing the name? This is still a mystery; however the Japanese variant of the new WRXdiffers to the Australian models:

The new Japanese turbocharged variant of Impreza has considerably different specification to the WRX that will be sold in Australia, including aspects of engine, suspension and interior specification. The full details of Australian spec will be announced by early September. Mr Rowley said.

We also took the opportunity to ask Mr Rowley about Subaru's halo car, the WRX STi.

We believe the STi's arch nemesis, the new Evo X will be priced roughly $10,000 more than the current model Evo IX ($56,789). Given that both current model STi/Evo IX differ in price by a mere few hundred dollars, will the new STi also jump in price? Mr Rowley asked for our patience while prices are confirmed.

Subaru will not bring the Sedan variant of the new Impreza to Australia for 12 months (after the initial launch of the new hatch). We Asked Mr Rowley if the current (pig-eye) Sedan variant will continue to sell alongside the new generation hatch?

New generation Impreza will initially be available in Australia exclusively as a hatch, with a sedan likely to follow in approximately 12 months.

It seems the best performance car to buy right now is a MY07 Impreza WRX Sedan. Not only will it retain a strong resale value due to it's Subaru heritage, but it will be the only Sedan variant available for another 12 months!