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The 2016 Porsche Panamera is being readied for production, with the German sports car brand’s CEO Matthias Muller revealing that “there has been some mistakes” with the four-year-old first generation model.

Speaking at the Paris motor show, where Porsche unveiled the Cayenne e-hybrid, Muller outlined his hopes for the next-generation five-door executive car.

“It should be as successful as the first generation Panamera,” he began.

“There has been some mistakes, but we will do it better. For example, the design could be better, as well as the interior.”

Porsche Panamera GTS - 1

The CEO also made no secret of the fact the next Panamera will be a lighter, more efficient package than the current model.

“Every car, since I am with Porsche for four years now, every next generation of cars was 10 to 15 per cent consumption less, so that is dogma, no discussion about that,” Muller said.

The current Panamera was signed off in 2004 as then-new Porsche chief designer Michael Mauer’s first project for the brand.

Porsche Panamera GTS - 14

When asked about his boss’s comments about Panamera design, Mauer responded by saying: “I’ll give you the politically correct answer.”

“If you ask a designer, the next generation could always be better and should always be better,” he added.

“It’s almost 10 years ago, so I think I would be in the wrong job if I would say that is the best car ever, you can do better.

“The next generation will be a typical Porsche, a typical Panamera, but it will look better.”

Porsche Panamera GTS - 3

Mauer revealed that the roofline of the next Panamera will be 'faster', despite this initially being a challenge for his design team to move away from a sedan shape but also maintain rear headroom.

“We as designers when we saw the first models were fighting for a faster roofline, which means less headroom, and in the end decisions were taken and we got that,” he said.

“The roofline was high on my agenda to improve … the roofline [of the next generation] will be faster.”

Porsche Panamera GTS - 2

Mauer added that while the Panamera design has been controversial, he would rather be a designer of polarising cars than ones that reveal no emotion in the buyer. He also says that existing Panamera owners really love the design, and this is the group he will continue to target with a next-generation model that “you will recognise the next generation as a Porsche and a Panamera.”

“I think we created a very unique shape, which in this segment nobody else has done it before,” he adds.

“Since we were very hard fighting for this … we believe it is the heart and soul and character of the car, and we will continue with this. What I’m allowed to say is the next generation won’t be a traditional three-box shape.

“Whenever we do a next generation we have to recognise that it is the new one, but it is the successor.”