A new generation Volkswagen Transporter - the T6 - will be launched in 2015, it has been revealed.
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The announcement comes following the unveiling of the Volkswagen Tristar concept at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover, where Dr Eckhard Scholz, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said the brand is set to "embark on an intensive period" after announcing an extra night shift at the German plant where the vans are built.

‘The T5 is our best-seller and demand remains buoyant as before," Scholz said. "That's why we are working extra shifts. We see the uninterrupted enthusiasm of our customers for the success model as both recognition and incentive to make the next model into a best-seller. We can already announce today that we are proud to present the T6 within the foreseeable future.

"It will incorporate the excellent characteristics of the T5 and it will also feature a whole load of new technology innovations. The result will again be an outstanding, reliable, technically refined, mobile companion for our customers to pursue their trade and leisure time activities. Until then, the T5 will remain our sales hit," Scholz declared.

Volkswagen Transporter 2014-30

Volkswagen Australia general manager of communications, Karl Gehling, confirmed the new T6 model will arrive here in 2015 to take on the recently released Ford Transit Custom and the also-confirmed Renault Trafic.

"We'll see it here late next year," he said, but indicated there was little other detail that had been made available about the new models - including the Multivan and Caravelle people-mover derivatives - at this point in time.

So far in 2014, Volkswagen claims deliveries of the current-generation T5 Transporter have risen by "almost six per cent to 108,000 units". Locally, the Transporter has underperformed against its competitors, with sales down 38 per cent year-to-date (1392 sales to end of August 2014).

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