CarAdvice has spotted a production 2015 Lexus NX200t on the road in Glenbrook in the lower Blue Mountains approximately six months before it goes on sale.
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The car spotted was an NX200t F Sport, which is expected to be the mid-range variant in the new NX line-up following an announcement this week that the brand will kick off the range from $55,000.

Lexus NX200t spotted in Sydney_02

That price relates to the 300h Luxury front-drive model, while an all-wheel-drive Luxury costs $59,500. The NX300h F Sport is $66,000 and AWD only, and the NX300h Sports Luxury tops the current range at $75,000. The Japanese brand has not yet revealed pricing for the turbo models, though they may come in cheaper than the hybrid versions.

The car is significant to Lexus as it is the first turbocharged product from the Japanese luxury brand, and it's particularly interesting to have been spotted in public as the turbo model is not due on sale until about February 2015.

Lexus NX200t spotted in Sydney_25

The engine is set to produce 175kW of power and 350Nm of torque, offering buyers a little more performance than the NX300h, which has 145kW and, according to Lexus, torque that is equivalent to a 3.0-litre V6.

F Sport models are available only in AWD and feature adaptive variable suspension, a 360-degree panoramic camera, blind-spot and rear cross-traffic alert, wireless phone charging (for QI-equipped phones or iPhones with a QI-effective cover), leather interior trim, heated and cooled seats, and 18-inch wheels (with 235/55/18 tyres - Bridgestones, as were fitted to the car we spotted).

Lexus NX200t spotted in Sydney_21

The Lexus NX will compete with similarly sized vehicles such as the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Range Rover Evoque.

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