Imagine a world where our roads have special pink lanes and pink overpasses to help skip over busy traffic, designed exclusively for the use of women.
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A UK female-oriented insurance company has put forward a proposal suggesting (and even attempting to justify) the concept.

Complete with images showing what these PinkZones would look like, the arguments for gender-splitting the most dangerous UK roads are based on safety concerns.


Sheilas’ Wheels cite statistics from the Department for Transport (DfT) released in 2012 that show men were involved in just over 114,000 accidents while women were involved in 70,470. Of those accidents 53% of women were badly injured compared to 38% of men.

Though the statistics show women are involved in fewer accidents, yet are more likely to be injured, surely there’s a less offensive way to deal with the problem. Educational campaigns, perhaps?

On, it’s claimed that the separate lanes would remove women from a potentially dangerous environment, and would be designed to enhance quality of life.


A spokesperson for Sheilas’ Wheels acknowledged it’s a ‘futuristic’ concept (that seems strangely reminiscent of the 1950’s ‘Good Housewife’ days).

“There does need to be acceptance in Government circles that women and men drive very differently and solutions identified for how we manage that,” the spokesperson said.

If an idea like this were ever to go ahead, anywhere in the world, I’d like to see glitter added to the pink lanes, the overpasses should be painted to look like rainbows, and instead of driving cars us women should be riding unicorns.